Islip Fire Department

The Islip Fire Department is responsible for much more then firefighting. We respond to vehicle accidents, technical rescues, ice rescues, water rescues, emergency medical calls, electrical hazzards, fire alarm investigations, carbon monoxide emergencies, hazardous materials calls, fuel spills, stuck elevator calls, LIRR incidents and countless other situations.

The Islip Fire Department Rescue squad is responsible for Emergency medical response for the district. They operate two ambulances and a first response vehicle. Islip FD rescue squad is comprised of EMT’s, EMT Critical Care providers and Paramedics. The rescue squad stands by at many community events, such as School Sporting events, Islip High School Graduation, Street fairs, 5k Runs and many other events where their services may be necessary.

The Islip Fire Department is also part of the MacArthur Crash Fire Rescue response plan. Should a situation arise at MacArthur airport the Islip Fire Departments Tactical Rescue Team, Fire Police and Rescue Squad are utilized depending on the size of the incident.

The Islip Fire Department operates two boats and respond to maritime emergencies in the Great South Bay, Atlantic Ocean as well as the lakes and streams throughout the district. The Marine unit operates a rescue/recovery dive team that is deployed often in the summer months. Islip FD Marine Division is capable of Surface and SCUBA rescues, Marine Firefighting, and Advanced Life Support Medical Care on the water.

On top of the incidents we respond to within the confines of the Islip Fire District the Islip Fire Department also often times responds on mutual aid calls to our neighboring districts. We respond mutual aid to both fire and medical situations when called on by our neighboring departments. This includes also sending out one of our units at times to cover another district when they may be out of service for any reason.