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Islip Town Parade

Saturday, August 13, 2016  On August 13th 2016 the Islip FD participated in the Town of Islip Fireman's Parade held in West Sayville. Special congratulations to the West Sayville Fire Department on their achievement of 125 years of service to the West Sayville and Oakdale communities! [Photos by Ken Bradbury]



Boat burns in canal injuring occupant

Saturday, August 6, 2016  Just before 9pm on Saturday August 6th 2016 the Islip FD was notified for a report of an explosion with a boat on fire in the canal between Athasca Road and Marvin Lane. Responding units were advised of a report of a burn patient and the Exchange Ambulance of the Islips was then also notified to respond. Islip crews under the direction of Chief of Department Moon staged engines on both sides of the canal to combat the fire from either side. The boat was docked and extinguished by Islip crews. Fire Boat 3-4-26 was also staffed but was not required as the boat remained docked and land based units were sufficient to combat the fire. The victim was transported by Exchange Ambulance to Stony Brook University Hospital (the closest burn center) with non-life threatening injuries. [Photos by Justin Davis and Ben Pfuhl]



Arson Suspected in truck fires at Andersons Tree Service

Monday, August 1, 2016  At 5am on Monday, August 1st 2016 the Islip FD was dispatched to a report of a truck fire on Sunrise Highway at Peckham Ave. Units were notified that callers were reporting that multiple trucks were on fire at Anderson's Tree Service and that the building may also have been on fire. Chief Butler was the first to arrive who confirmed 4 actively burning trucks on the lot and that the fire was impinging on the structure. Engine 3-4-2 arrived stretching attack lines and began working to extinguish the fires. Engine 3-4-7 then arrived shortly after securing a fire hydrant and assisted the first engines crew with fire control. The fires were extinguished with only minor damage to the building however the 4 trucks were destroyed by the fire. The fire was suspicious in nature and believed to be intentionally set. For that reason the scene was turned over to the Suffolk County Police Arson Squad to investigate. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Suffolk Police Arson Squad at 631-852-6150. [Photos by Ex-Chief Richard Ackerson]



Dive Team deployed for car into canal

Thursday, July 28, 2016  At 3:30pm on Thursday, July 28th 2016 the Islip Fire Department and Exchange Ambulance were notified to a report of an occupied car into the water to the rear of J&Rs Steakhouse on Main Street and Degnon Blvd. Units arrived to find a convertible completely submerged in the canal with 2 males on the dock and out of the water. The two subjects both required medical evaluation and were not able to properly communicate that there were definitely no other victims in the vehicle. A decision was made to deploy the Islip Fire Department dive team to have a SCUBA diver search the car. The Bay Shore FD was then also requested for their dive team to back up our team. Fire Rescue Diver Jake Moran entered the water and searched the vehicle while in communication with land crews via our underwater communications system. The car was searched and the diver then popped the trunk to also check for possible occupants. The sweep of the vehicle was negative and the scene was then turned over to the Suffolk County Police Department. Both occupants were transported to Southside Hospital, one by Islip FD ambulance 3-4-6 and one by Exchange Ambulance 3-27-19. A 3rd ambulance was requested to standby at the scene in case there were additional victims as well as to ensure safety of our dive team. [Photos by Jared Gunst]





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Islip Firefighters and Exchange EMS crew rescue unconscious man from lake

Sunday, June 12, 2016  Just before 8pm on Sunday June 12th 2016 the Islip Fire Department and Exchange Ambulance were notified for a water rescue in the lake to the rear of McDonalds at 107 Main Street. First to arrive was Lieutenant Kevin Janssen who found an unconscious 26 year old male in the water with decreased respirations, while a female he was with was struggling holding his head above the water. Lieutenant Janssen immediately jumped into the water to take over and keep the man above water. Moments later Assistant Chief Pfuhl and an Exchange Ambulance arrived. Chief Pfuhl relayed to Islip dispatch and incoming units that the male was still in the water and not responsive. Exchange Ambulance Captain Rob Stone and EMT Ryan Weisz then also jumped into the water and assisted Lieutenant Janssen with packaging the patient to a backboard so that Islip crews and Suffolk PD could hoist him over the retaining wall to the parking lot 6 feet above. The patient was immobilized to the backboard and placed in a cervical collar because it was believed he suffered a spinal injury as he reportedly dove off the wall into the shallow water. The patient was rushed to Southside Hospital Trauma Center by Islip crews with Advanced Life Support interventions in place. He remains in critical condition.



New Fire Boat Christened Into Service

Saturday, June 11, 2016  On Saturday, June 11th 2016 the Islip Fire Department held a ceremonial wet down and dedication service at the Islip Town Docks on Maple Street to christen our new fireboat 3-4-26. The new fireboat is a 32' vessel capable of SCUBA and surface rescue, marine firefighting, and medical services at the advanced life support level. This vessel is vital to the departments ability to provide the highest level of assistance and safety to the people who frequent the waters in and around the Islip Fire District. This boat replaces a 23' rigid hull inflatable zodiac that the department far outgrew and was unsafe for our members to operate on. Today with the assistance of the East Islip, Bay Shore, and West Islip Fire Departments 3-4-26 was wet down in the canal. The keys to the boat were officially turned over by BOFC Chairman Fred Hermann to the Islip Fire Department Chiefs Office who then passed them off to Marine Division Leader Nick Antonelli. After being blessed by department chaplain Bruce Daly the boat was then christened by having a champagne bottle broken on the bow. It was an honor to have the boat christened by Gina Lieneck and her daughter Danyelle. Gina's daughter and Danyelle's sister Brianna Lieneck was tragically killed in a boating collision in the Great South Bay on August 17th 2005. Brianna was only 11 years old when she lost her life. Her mother Gina was critically injured in that same accident and was transported by Islip Fire Department crews on board the former 3-4-26 from the scene. Gina and her family continue to advocate for boating and marine safety and helped in our acquisition of this vessel. We thank the Board of Fire Commissioners, the Boat Committee, Chiefs Office, USCG, Islip Town Harbor Patrol, the residents of the Islip Fire District, our neighboring fire departments as well as Silver Ships Incorporated who built this vessel.



Car strikes town Roll off truck on Union Blvd

Friday, June 10, 2016  At 12:25 pm on Friday June 10th the Islip Fire Department was notified to a report of a Motor Vehicle Accident on Union Blvd in front of the athletic fields for the Islip High School. A car passing a parked Town of Islip roll-off truck struck the rear of the truck injuring the driver. The town worker was not injured. The one patient was taken to Southside Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. [Photos by Jared M Gunst]



Fatality in Sunrise Highway Motorcycle Accident

Tuesday, June 7, 2016  At approximately 10:30am on Tuesday, June 7th 2016 the Islip FD and Exchange Ambulance were notified to a report of a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle on the Westbound Sunrise Highway Express on top of the Saxon Avenue Bridge. Islip FD ambulance 3-4-3 transported the very seriously injured male to Southside Hospital with the assistance of Exchange EMS providers. Unfortunately the man succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The Suffolk Police are investigating this accident.



Engine 3-4-1 catches work while standing by for the Brentwood Fire Department

Sunday, May 29, 2016  On Sunday May 29th 2016 the Brentwood FD was called to operate at a working fire at 9 Cleveland Street. Multiple mutual aids were called to assist at that fire and the Islip FD was notified for 1 engine to standby at Brentwood FD Headquarters with Hauppauge FD Ladder 3-8-7 for any additional alarms. While standing by a second alarm came in reporting a residential structure fire at 10 S 3rd Street off North Thompson Dr. Islip Engine 3-4-1, Chiefs 3-4-31, 3-4-32 as well as Hauppauge Ladder 3-8-7 and chief 3-8-31 were dispatched as the initial assignment. Chief Butler (3-4-31) was first to arrive who transmitted the working fire for a basement fire in a 1 story ranch. Engine 3-4-1 layed into a nearby hydrant and stretched an initial attack line to the rear. With Hauppauge FD truck company opening up and searching the Islip crew quickly extinguished the fire in a basement bedroom. Ladder 3-4-5 also responded to assist as the 3rd due ladder company. After finishing this fire the crew returned to Brentwood FD HQ to continue to standby.



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