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Working Fire 1493 St. Louis Ave

Friday, April 18, 2014 00:58 Just around 1 am on Friday April 18th 2014 the Islip FD was alerted for a residential structure fire at 1493 St. Louis Ave. Islip chiefs were advised by the dispatcher that the caller was advising visible smoke and flames within the home. First to arrive was 2nd Assistant Chief Thomas Butler who confirmed the working fire. Chief Paolicelli arrived just after establishing command of the incident.

Engine 3-4-7 was the first due engine who secured a water source, started a primary search and got the initial hand line into operation. Islip crews found a bedroom fire in an apartment on the first floor of the home and quickly extinguished it. The primary search proved negative for occupants throughout the home however the occupant of the fire apartment did sustain minor burns and possible smoke inhalation but was out of the dwelling on arrival. 

Mutual aid was provided by the Bay Shore Fire Department for a FAST team, East Islip FD for 1 engine to standby at our headquarters for any additional alarms, and the Exchange Ambulance who did transport the 1 civilian injury. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the Suffolk County Police Arson Squad as well as the Town of Islip Fire Marshals office. 

JG (Photos by Ex-Chief Richard Ackerson Jr and Jared Gunst)



Engine 3-4-7 responds to Brightwaters Fire

Monday, January 27, 2014 00:06  Shortly after midnight on January 27th 2014 the Bay Shore Fire Department was dispatched to a residential structure fire at 95 Whoseepee Drive in the Village of Brightwaters. Bay Shore units arrived with heavy fire in the garage with extention into the attic and main floor of the house as well as multiple rounds of ammunition exploding in the garage area. Bay Shore command requested mutual aid from Islip for 1 engine to standby at their main and to West Islip for a FAST team. Chiefs 3-4-31, 32 and Engine 3-4-7 quickly responded and immediately after arriving at Bay Shores main were redirected to the scene as an acting truck company. The crew operated for over an hour conducting searches, forcing entry and overhaul. 

(Photos by John Ippolito Jr- BSFD Asst Chief)



Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014  The Islip Fire Department would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. The Islip Fire Department finished out 2013 with 1132 Calls for Service. With the new year also comes new leadership to the department. Chief of Department- Carmine V Paolicelli 1st Assistant Chief- William P Moon 2nd Assistant Chief- Thomas J Butler Sr. Engine Company No 1 Captain- George Klub 1st Lieutenant- Frank Rucci 2nd Lieutenant- Kevin Jansen Engine Company No 2 Captain- Alden Schroeder 1st Lieutenant- Jared Gunst 2nd Lieutenant- Christopher Thomas Hook & Ladder Company No 1 Captain- Tyree Bacon 1st Lieutenant- Michael Rosamilia 2nd Lieutenant- Joshua Baltz Fire Police Company No 1 Captain- David Thomas 1st Lieutenant- Paul Dessert 2nd Lieutenant- James Keller Rescue Squad Captain- Jared Gunst 1st Lieutenant- Raymond Langer 2nd Lieutenant- Michael Moccaldi Thank you to Ex-Chief William Stenger and all outgoing officers for your dedication and service.



Report of Person Trapped in car fire turns out better then expected

Sunday, December 22, 2013 03:30  At around 3:30 am the Islip FD was dispatched to a report of a vehicle fire with an occupant and a dog trapped within behind 599 Main Street. While the chiefs were enroute Islip FD dispatch advised them that a second report advised that the occupant and his dog were removed from the car. Islip units arrived to find a single vehicle MVA into a pole. The car was on fire however the Suffolk County Police Department put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. The man and his dog were removed from the car prior to the departments arrival. After the man struck the pole his car was still in drive and the gas pedal was still pressed which caused his tires to spin and eventually dig into the pavement. 

The occupant was taken to Southside Hospital by Exchange Ambulance of the Islips crews with non-life threatening injuries. 



Mutual aid to East Islip for Structure Fire at Momentum At South Bay Nursing Home

Saturday, December 21, 2013 16:00  Just before 4pm on Saturday December 21st 2013 the East Islip FD was activated for  a report of smoke in the building at the Momentum at South Bay Nursing and Rehab Center at 340 East Main Street. East Islip units arrived to find a heavy smoke condition on both the 1st and 2nd floors with no known location of the fire. The Islip FD was requested on a mutual aid for 1 engine and 1 ladder to the scene. Islip crews were out on Santa runs so the crews immediately responded. Chief 3-4-30 arrived on scene and reported to the command post who ordered Ladder 3-4-5 to set up on the exposure 3 side of the building and access the roof, and Engine 3-4-7 to report to the exposure 1 side and send their crew in as an acting truck company. 

The crew of 3-4-5 set up the ladder to the roof and began to investigate the area where workers were reportedly working on the roof with a torch. Engine 3-4-7's crew reported inside to the operations chief who were tasked with assisting with searches to locate the fire and assist with evacuations. Over 100 residents of the facility, some of who were bed confined and on oxygen had to be evacuated from the building. Islip FD was then requested to have Engine 3-4-9 and Fire Police Unit 3-4-8 to report to the scene as well due to the size of the incident. Engine 3-4-9's crew also assisted as an acting truck company assisting with locating the fire and cause of the smoke as well as the evacuations.

Most of the smoke condition on the interior of the building was from the area of the elevator shafts. The crews made entrance into the elevator shaft to check above and below the elevator cars but still found no cause of the smoke. While operating on the roof the crew of Ladder 3-4-5 located the fire below the roof above the elevator shaft. The crew cut open the area with saws and was able to extinguish the fire with water extinguishers. 

After the fire had been knocked down the building was then ventilated prior to allowing the facility to reoccupy. The patients were then all brought back into the facility by fire crews, ems crews and the staff of the facility. 



Chimney Fire on Church Street

Sunday, November 24, 2013 20:32  At 20:32 hours, while Engine 3-4-2, Ladder 3-4-11, and Fire Police Unit 3-4-8 were all out of the district on mutual aids, the Islip FD was alerted for a report of a chimney fire at 68 Church Street. Due to multiple units being out of district at the time of the alarm the East Islip Fire Department was immediately mutual aided for 1 engine to respond to the scene. Chief 3-4-30, Engine 3-4-7, Ladder 3-4-5 and East Islip Engine 3-5-4 responded who found a fire in the chimney. There were no injuries at the scene and the fire was contained to only the chimney with no extention to the home. The crew of Engine 3-4-7 stretched a booster line while the crew of Ladder 3-4-5 laddered the building gaining access to the top of the flue. 



Busy night for Islip Crews on Multiple Mutual aids

Sunday, November 24, 2013  The islip Fire Department spent November 24th lending aid outside the district for over 13 hours. It began at approximately 12:15 hours when Fire Police unit 3-4-8 was requested to respond to a large debris and mulch fire on Corbin Avenue and South 4th street in the Brentwood Fire District. 3-4-8 was requested for the cascade system to help fill SCBA bottles at the scene. 

While 3-4-8 was still operating on the incident on Corbin Avenue in Brentwood the Brentwood FD and their standby companies then responded to a working residential structure fire at 3 Crescent Place. At 16:35 hours the Islip FD was now alerted on an additional mutual aid to Brentwood for 1 engine and 1 ladder to both standby at Brentwood FD Headquarters. Engine 3-4-2 and Ladder 3-4-11 both responded answering the call.

While still standing by at Brentwood FD Headquarters Ladder 3-4-11 was now requested to the scene of the incident on Corbin Avenue to operate a master stream operation which they remained on until approximately 01:45 hours.

With Engine 3-4-2, Ladder 3-4-11 and Fire Police 3-4-8 all out of the district the Islip FD was now requested on a mutual aid to the Islip Terrace Fire Department for 1 engine to standby at their headquarters while they operated a working structure fire in a condo complex at 706 Providence Drive at 21:06 hours. Engine 3-4-9 answered this call responding to staff Islip Terraces Quarters.

During this time the Islip Fire Department handled an ambulance call, a structure fire in the edgewater trailer park which was an oil burner emergency, as well as a structure fire at 68 Church Street which was an active chimney fire.

Due to the long hours of crews operating on the incident on Corbin Avenue there were multiple crews swapped out for relief purposes. The temperatures were well below freezing which caused major icing on the ground as well as the apparatus operating on the call.

3-4-8 operates on Corbin Avenue

3-4-8 operates on Corbin Avenue

The ice on the bucket of Ladder 3-4-11 after operating in Brentwood

The ice on the bucket of Ladder 3-4-11
      after operating in Brentwood


How to safely fry a turkey **PLEASE WATCH**

Turkey Fryer Safety





Santa Claus is coming to town!

 Merry Christmas!

The Islip Fire Department will be driving Santa around the streets for all to see. His location can be followed at Islip Fire Department on Facebook!

The following locations are where we will be stopping for all to meet and take pictures with Santa.

Saturday 12/14

Chicago Park from 5pm to 6pm

Sherwood School from 7pm to 8pm

Sunday 12/15 Rain Date

Saturday 12/21

Commack Road School from 5pm to 6pm

Islip Town Hall from 7pm to 8pm

Sunday 12/22 Rain Date

If you are unable to attend any of these locations due to any special needs please call 631-581-5656.

Any changes will be posted on this website and our Facebook page.



Mutual Aid to West Islip for Working Residential Fire

Tuesday, November 12, 2013   Just before 9 pm the West Islip Fire Department was dispatched to a reported residential structure fire at 1015 McCall Ave in the dead end off Oronoco Drive. West Islip units found a two story high ranch private dwelling with heavy fire showing on both floors from the exposure 1 side. Multiple mutual aids were requested which brought Islip Engine 3-4-1 in to West Islip FD Headquarters to standby. Chiefs 3-4-30 and 3-4-32 also responded with the Engine crew. As soon as Engine 3-4-1 arrived at West Islips Headquarters they were immediatly directed to respond to the scene. Engine 3-4-1 arrived and the crew was put to work tasked as an acting truck company. The crew assisted with opening up for overhaul and checking for extention as well as salvage. After approximately an hour of operation the Islip crew was released by West Islip Command.

JG (Photos By Jared Gunst)



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