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One organization within the Islip Fire Department, which has been called on increasingly since its inception, is the Rescue Squad. Prior to its formation, the Rescue Squad obtained the guidance of local physician Dr. A. I. Goldschlager, who provided department members with a Standard Red Cross First Aid course. The Rescue Squad was formally organized on April 1, 1941 and initially used the Fire Patrol’s truck for responding. When required, however the squad’s equipment was transferred to a GMC hose truck or the Drill Team's 1/2-ton open-body pick-up truck. A new 3/4-ton Chevrolet panel truck was delivered to the Department in January 1949 and the new "Ambulance" was outfitted with storage compartments and stretcher space. A GMC rescue truck, placed in service in July 1970, was capable of carrying four patients stand-up convenience for attendants. This apparatus has piped oxygen outlets, and carried heavy rescue and extrication tools. The panel van was replaced by a new Cadillac ambulance which was placed in service on July 15, 1973. A new Horton modular ambulance on a Ford Econoline chassis replaced the Cadillac on September 7, 1980. This unit allowed for access to the patient from both sides, and was particularly convenient when advanced or basic life support was underway. The rescue truck was subsequently replaced by a newer model built by P&L in 1987. Both of these rigs were replaced by twin ambulances that were christened in March 1988. In April of 2016, on the 75th Anniversary of the Rescue Squad one of the twin 1997 Braun Ambulances (3-4-3) was replaced with a 2015 Braun Chief XL Ford F450 4X4 Type I Ambulance.

Company Officers
Captain -  William Stenger
1st Lieut -  Jeremy Isaacs
2nd Lieut - Raymond Smith
Secretary - Michael Buglione
Treasurer - William Fornaro

The apparatus currently assigned to the Rescue Squad includes a 2015 Braun Chief XL Type I ALS Ambulance on a Ford F450 4X4 Chassis Designated as 3-4-3, a 1997 Braun Chief XL Type III ALS Ambulance on a Ford E350 Chasis Designated 3-4-6. Ambulance 3-4-3 is Staffed out of Headquarters and Ambulance 3-4-6 Responds out of Station 2 on Commack Road. The Rescue squad also currently operates a 2010 Chevrolet Suburban first response unit designated as 3-4-80. This vehicle is vital to the fast response of both Advanced and Basic Life support for the residents of the Islip Fire District. This vehicle was donated to the department in 2010 by the Bohlsen Family.

Ambulance 3-4-3 2015 Braun Chief XL Ford F450 4X4 Type I Ambulance


Ambulance 3-4-6, 1997 Braun Chief XL Ford E350 Type III Ambulance


First Responder 3-4-80, 2010 Chevrolet Suburban.


Special Thanks to the Bohlsen family for the donation of our first responder vehicle.

Rescue Squad Psychic Fundraiser

Saturday, April 7, 2018   




New Ambulance Dedicated and placed into service

Saturday, April 2, 2016  On Saturday April 2nd 2016 the Islip Fire Department Rescue Squad held a celebration at fire headquarters to mark its 75-Years of Service as well as hold a ceremonial Wet Down of new Ambulance 3-4-3. The Islip Fire District along with the help of Senator Boyle's office purchased a 2015 Ford F450 4X4 Braun Chief XL Type I ALS Ambulance. This vehicle replaced a 1997 Ford E-Series Van that had outlasted its service life. The new ambulance will be vital for the Islip Fire Department's ability to continue to provide the highest quality medical care to the residents of the Islip Fire District. With the large snow storms and flooding that has plagued the district in recent years this vehicle will make medical response safer and more efficient. 

The Islip Fire Department chose to honor Ex-Chief Richard Ackerson Sr, a 59-year member of the Islip Fire Department, by dedicating this new ambulance to him. Ex-Chief Ackerson was  the first member of the Islip Fire Department to achieve 50-years of service to the Rescue Squad. He was presented with a plaque by Rescue Captain Jared Gunst, which will be remade in bronze and permanently affixed to this new vehicle as a constant reminder to all of his dedication and service. Chief Ackerson also received commendations and proclamations from Senator Boyle's office, Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter as well as town Councilwoman Trish Bergin-Weichbrodt and Councilman Steven Flotteron, Legislator Tom Cilmi, and a representative from Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone's office.

Board of Fire Commissioners Chairman Frederick Herrmann presented the keys to this new vehicle to Rescue Squad Captain Gunst and Ex-Chief Ackerson officially christened the vehicle breaking a bottle of champagne over the bumper.

Special thank you to the staff of Braun Ambulance Cooperation, Nassau Fire Apparatus, Ferno, M. Norris & Sons, JMR Graphics, and Telecom Communications Inc. for their work on this vehicle. The ambulance officially entered active service on April 14th handling its first call for service.





Rescue Squad Achieves 75 Years of Service

Friday, April 1, 2016  April 1st 2016 marks the 75th Anniversary of the official establishment of the Islip FIre Department Rescue Squad which was officially formed on April 1st of 1941. Today the Islip Fire Department Rescue Squad operates 2 ambulances, and a first responder vehicle and is staffed by numerous members who were specially trained as Emergency Medical Technicians, Critical Care Technicians and Paramedics. 

As part of the commemoration of the 75 year achievement the Islip FD Rescue Squad is selling Challenge coins, one for the 75th Anniversary and one for the dedication and wetdown of the new ambulance 3-4-3. The coins are available at a cost of $10 per coin. If interested in purchasing challenge coins send an email to





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