Islip Fire Department

Islip Firefighters and Exchange EMS crew rescue unconscious man from lake


Sunday, June 12, 2016 Just before 8pm on Sunday June 12th 2016 the Islip Fire Department and Exchange Ambulance were notified for a water rescue in the lake to the rear of McDonalds at 107 Main Street. First to arrive was Lieutenant Kevin Janssen who found an unconscious 26 year old male in the water with decreased respirations, while a female he was with was struggling holding his head above the water. Lieutenant Janssen immediately jumped into the water to take over and keep the man above water. Moments later Assistant Chief Pfuhl and an Exchange Ambulance arrived. Chief Pfuhl relayed to Islip dispatch and incoming units that the male was still in the water and not responsive. Exchange Ambulance Captain Rob Stone and EMT Ryan Weisz then also jumped into the water and assisted Lieutenant Janssen with packaging the patient to a backboard so that Islip crews and Suffolk PD could hoist him over the retaining wall to the parking lot 6 feet above. The patient was immobilized to the backboard and placed in a cervical collar because it was believed he suffered a spinal injury as he reportedly dove off the wall into the shallow water. The patient was rushed to Southside Hospital Trauma Center by Islip crews with Advanced Life Support interventions in place. He remains in critical condition.