Islip Fire Department

Boat burns in canal injuring occupant


Saturday, August 6, 2016 Just before 9pm on Saturday August 6th 2016 the Islip FD was notified for a report of an explosion with a boat on fire in the canal between Athasca Road and Marvin Lane. Responding units were advised of a report of a burn patient and the Exchange Ambulance of the Islips was then also notified to respond. Islip crews under the direction of Chief of Department Moon staged engines on both sides of the canal to combat the fire from either side. The boat was docked and extinguished by Islip crews. Fire Boat 3-4-26 was also staffed but was not required as the boat remained docked and land based units were sufficient to combat the fire. The victim was transported by Exchange Ambulance to Stony Brook University Hospital (the closest burn center) with non-life threatening injuries. [Photos by Justin Davis and Ben Pfuhl]